Dr. Fred Weather Watch Cover

by Fred Bortz, Ph.D. and J. Marshall Shepherd, Ph.D.

(McGraw-Hill, 2000; Revised edition from StarWalk Kids Media, 2014)

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To Eliana and Elon,

May your lives be brightened with the sunshine of love.
May your minds be nourished by the gentle rain of wisdom.
May your courage be forged in the struggles of stormy days.
May your spirits soar on the breeze of Shalom.

To Arissa, Anderson, and all future "weather weenies" like me.

Summary from original publisher's catalog:

Few science writers are as child-friendly as Dr. Fred Bortz, whose previous books have been praised as "solid and intriguing (Booklist) and "fascinating and thought-provoking" (School Library Journal). Here he shows kids how to predict the weather in their own backyards -- using simple, inexpensive, self-built meteorological instruments that add up to a fully operational weather station. Based on a state science fair winner, this project can easily be adapted by weather-loving readers for their own school fairs. Or they can simply enjoy the book's wealth of fun weather facts, simple explanations of weather concepts, and additional guidance for online research.

Table of Contents

Preface: Who is Dr. Fred and Why Did He Write This Book?
Introduction: The Weather and You (from original book)
Chapter 1: Measuring the Weather
Chapter 2: Air Pressure
Chapter 3: Temperature
Chapter 4: Air Movement
Chapter 5: Moisture in the Air
Chapter 6: Forecasting the Weather
Chapter 7: From Weather Watcher to Meteorologist

Meet co-author and noted meteorologist J. Marshall Shepherd, Ph.D.

Click here for updated weather links from the book

Click here for a sample from the original Introduction (no illustrations)

Review in Science News magazine

The perfect companion volume to Dr. Fred's Weather Watch is this five-year weather diary. It's far more than just a log book and ideal for any readers who plan to use Weather Watch as the starting point of a science fair project. Click the link or cover for more information.

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